Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Check It Out!

There have been a few amazing articles on the first Crush Cancer Clinic, so please check them out!

The Star Ledger - article by Eunice Lee
      Now She's Shutting Out Cancer

The Patch - article by Teresa Akersten
    Survivor to Run 'Crush Cancer Clinic'

The 1st Crush Cancer Clinic @ Caldwell College

If you are interested in having a Crush Cancer Clinic, email me (Kristen) at

Thank you for all of the wonderful support - and a huge thank you to Desi Giordano who played a huge part in the first Crush Cancer Clinic! Thank you to Emilyrose Havrilla and Jill Del Pozzo for helping coach, and Caldwell College and Vero Amici for their generous donations!

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